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Understanding the CG 2010 Ongoing Operations Endorsement

By July 11, 2023July 13th, 2023No Comments


Insurance policies are essential for protecting businesses against various risks. However, some industries require specialized coverage to address specific operational aspects. One such endorsement, the CG 2010 Ongoing Operations Endorsement, is designed to provide comprehensive coverage for ongoing operations in the construction industry. In this article, we will delve into the key features and benefits of the CG 2010 Ongoing Operations Endorsement.

What is the CG 2010 Ongoing Operations Endorsement?

The CG 2010 Ongoing Operations Endorsement is a provision typically included in commercial general liability (CGL) insurance policies. It specifically caters to contractors and subcontractors involved in construction projects. This endorsement modifies the standard CGL policy to extend coverage to ongoing operations under certain conditions.

Coverage for Ongoing Operations

The CG 2010 endorsement offers coverage for property damage and bodily injury that may occur during the course of ongoing operations. Ongoing operations refer to activities related to construction projects that are still in progress. For example, if a contractor accidentally damages a client’s property while carrying out construction work, this endorsement would provide coverage for the resulting liability claims.

Key Benefits

  1. Enhanced Coverage: The CG 2010 endorsement expands the scope of coverage provided by a standard CGL policy. It specifically addresses the unique risks faced by contractors and subcontractors during ongoing operations and completed projects.
  2. Improved Risk Management: By having the CG 2010 endorsement in place, contractors and subcontractors can minimize financial risks associated with legal liabilities. It provides peace of mind and allows businesses to focus on their ongoing operations without constant concerns about potential claims.
  3. Client Satisfaction: Contractors who carry the CG 2010 endorsement demonstrate their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Clients are more likely to choose contractors with comprehensive liability coverage, as it ensures that their interests are protected even after the project is completed.


The CG 2010 Ongoing Operations Endorsement is an important addition to the insurance coverage of contractors and subcontractors in the construction industry. It extends the protection of a standard CGL policy to ongoing operations, safeguarding against potential liabilities and claims arising from property damage or bodily injury. By securing this endorsement, construction businesses can operate with confidence, knowing that they are adequately covered against unforeseen events that may arise during their work.