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Understanding the CG 2037 Completed Operations Endorsement

By July 11, 2023July 13th, 2023No Comments


In the world of insurance, policies often require specific endorsements to address unique risks and provide comprehensive coverage. One such endorsement is the CG 2037 Completed Operations Endorsement, commonly used in general liability insurance policies. This article aims to shed light on the nature, purpose, and significance of the CG 2037 endorsement, providing readers with a better understanding of this insurance provision.

Defining the CG 2037 Completed Operations Endorsement

The CG 2037 Completed Operations Endorsement is an additional provision added to a general liability insurance policy. It is primarily designed to extend coverage beyond the policy’s expiration date for any claims arising from completed operations. Completed operations refer to work or services that a contractor, builder, or service provider has finished, and no longer has an ongoing responsibility for.

Purpose and Coverage

The primary purpose of the CG 2037 endorsement is to protect insured parties from potential liability claims that may arise after a project’s completion or service delivery. Without this endorsement, standard general liability policies would only cover claims made during the policy period, leaving policyholders exposed to claims filed after the expiration date.

The CG 2037 endorsement provides an extended reporting period, also known as a “tail coverage,” for claims arising from completed operations. This means that even if the underlying general liability policy has expired, the endorsement allows claims related to completed operations to be reported and covered under the original policy.

Key Features and Considerations

  1. Retroactive Date: The CG 2037 endorsement typically includes a retroactive date, which specifies the earliest date from which completed operations are covered. It is important for policyholders to carefully review and understand this date, as it determines the scope of coverage for completed operations.
  2. Reporting Period: The endorsement may establish a specific reporting period within which any claims related to completed operations must be reported. Failure to report a claim within the designated reporting period may result in denial of coverage. It is crucial to adhere to the reporting requirements outlined in the endorsement.
  3. Premiums and Limitations: Adding the CG 2037 endorsement to a general liability policy often requires an additional premium. The cost of the endorsement will vary depending on factors such as the nature of the insured’s business, the scope of completed operations, and the desired length of the reporting period. Policyholders should discuss the costs and limitations associated with the endorsement with their insurance provider.

Benefits and Importance

The CG 2037 Completed Operations Endorsement offers several benefits and is important for contractors, builders, and service providers:

  1. Enhanced Protection: By extending coverage for completed operations, the endorsement provides financial protection against claims that may arise long after a project’s completion. This coverage is particularly crucial for industries where latent defects or issues may only surface years later.
  2. Contractual Compliance: Many construction contracts and agreements require contractors to maintain completed operations coverage for a specified period. Having the CG 2037 endorsement in place ensures compliance with such contractual obligations.
  3. Peace of Mind: The CG 2037 endorsement provides peace of mind to insured parties, knowing they have coverage for potential claims that may arise from completed operations, even after their general liability policy has expired.


The CG 2037 Completed Operations Endorsement is a vital provision in general liability insurance policies. It extends coverage for completed operations beyond the expiration date of the policy, protecting insured parties from potential liability claims. Policyholders should carefully review the endorsement’s terms, including the retroactive date, reporting period, and associated costs, to ensure they have appropriate coverage for completed operations. By obtaining the CG 2037 endorsement, contractors, builders, and service providers can mitigate risks and gain peace of mind in their post-completion operations.